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fdisk kernel panic

I am continuing to have frustration with my internal hard disk (7300, Quantum Fireball 2.1) I decided to this time mash Apple OS altogether, and so gave mac-fdisk the 'i' command to write a new patition map. I was suspecting that the apple patch and driver 43 patitions were causing the scsi error 80000000 that I was getting with my previous installs. The initialisation went fine (fdisk prompts you to enter the block size of the disk, which I got from first giving it the 'p' command---it returns a size 1 block less than that given by dmesg). I wrote in some partitions. 32M Root, 32M swap, 100M var, 500M home and the rest usr. when I gave mac-fdisk the 'w' command (to write the new patition table) it freaked out and gave me something like (copied by hand from screen):
Kernel access of bad area pc c0206808 lr c0205a70 address 4 task mac-fdisk 44
it then panicked and all consoles froze as it attempted reboot (which never eventuated).

Now I cannot reinstall a working Mac system on the disk to start the debian tranistion--- it formats ok with the apple Drive Setup utillity, but refuses to make the disk bootable with the startup disk control panel (system writes to it ok in the install program). while the startup control panel indicates it is the boot disk, at boot i dont get anything, only grey... not even the disk icon. to boot again from cd, i have to erase the pram, and then reboot with c and d held down. after a minute or two of indecision it boots, and mounts the drive fine, with the system on it and still indicating that it is the boot disk. The drive is on the mesh bus at id 1. (I have been trying different ids to get debian without scsi errors to no avail)
Is my computer cursed?

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