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Re: Printer conundrum

On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 12:13:18PM -0600, wes schreiner wrote:
> Paul Talacko wrote:
> > 
> > I have a PowerMac 6500.  I also have a Texas Instruments printer (it's 
> > The only thing I can think of is to get an ethernet to localtalk bridge (too
> > expensive!!), the other thing is that you can buy a serial kit for the printer
> > (also too expensive).
> Well, about the only thing I can see is to use a little print server box
> which would go from ethernet to the parallel port.  You could use a
> commercial print server box like a JetDirect, or you could use any old
> 386 or better PC, run some floppy-only distro to make your own (bulky)

I do have a 386, but haven't put Linux on it because it has only 2 Meg RAM and
a 20 Meg HD.  I also have a Mac LC II which is doing absolutely nothing.  Maybe
I could turn that into a print server - although I have no idea how to connect
it to the ethernet.

> printer server box.  The PC wouldn't need a hard drive or much memory,
> just a network card, a parallel port, and a floppy drive.  Run it with
> no monitor or keyboard (at least after everything is installed).  All
> you would need is a junk PC, but it would take a little time to set up. 
> I'd just get a JetDirect or similar box (here they are under $100) if I
> were in a hurry.
> Perhaps a PCI parallel port card would work too, but that would run you
> almost as much as the print server.
> wes schreiner
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Paul Talacko

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