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Re: Slow console for rage128 with 2.2.18? [Re: dselect and 2.2.18 problem ]

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 02:42:04AM -0800, Renaud Dreyer wrote:
> By the way, I just decided to try console-apt and I get the exact 
> same problem. Is there a bug with 2.2.18, the rage128 card and the 
> console? MY 2.2.18 sources come straight out of kernel.org. Thanks 
> again,

yes i think you have -accel turned on, when i turn this on on my
system and then run emacs it takes about 10 minutes for it to finish
drawing all the `loading blah' files where normally its pretty much
instant.  (no emacs jokes please ;p)

Ethan Benson

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