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Re: PCI Video Cards

YMMV - as the Voodoo 3 2000 with a Mac ROM will not work under linux with
accellerated video. You get a strange mix up of graphics that looks almost
like soime kind of byte order issue.

Certainly I've heard of network cards and the like working without a
hitch. and my PCI USB card works wonderfully (under linux and MacOS).


(Your milage Will vary).

being all very untested and how some PC PCI card manufacturers love
sticking x86 code on their cards - some will work, some won't. My advice
is to make sure you can return it if it doesn't work with your system.

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Rolf Schatzmann wrote:

> I have an idea.
> If you run the app xviddetect on a mac linux box it shows you the pci
> devices it can see.
> It can see any pci devices and they don't have to be made for mac, I know
> this because I have 2 additional nics in my 8500, one generic Realtek 8029
> and a Digital Decchip 21142. Neither of these works under mac os, they both
> work fine under linux.
>  As I understand it now (having just got accelerated X to work on a Blue &
> White G3) its actually X not the kernel that needs to have a driver to
> support a pci video card to get accelerated video in X.
> So I'm thinking why not just throw any non-mac PCI video card that has
> drivers in X into the box and try to get X to use it for accelerated video?
> In theory i should be able to have 2 displays this way, one for accelerated
> X and the original one. Having got familiar with XF86config it looks as
> though you can specify any video card and monitor in there.
> Can someone who knows tell me whether this might work and if so what PC PCI
> video card i should get (ie. what works well on an i386 box)?
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