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Re: modem works!, battery drains fast?

> well I just tried the one init string suggested on Sergio Brandano's
> powerbook page, and hey presto putting ATZ1 in as the modem initialisation
> command makes the modem work correctly. (built in cobalt modem on a pismo)
> from the AT command ref
> Xn (using extended result codes) 

X3 is what I use - it's required for lines attached to a private exchange,
and may even be needed for PBX lines if the modem absolutely insists on US
style dial tones :-)

As to excessive power use with modem on: I don't think I see that here.
Judged from the battery monitor plugin the power consumption seems fairly
normal (Lombard, 400 MHz, X with services reduced to a minimum and HD
actually spinning down on occasion, gives me around 2h30' battery life).


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