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Re: more colours with atyfb?

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> Steven Hanley wrote:
> > What can I do to get my display to use 24 bit (or 32 or 16 or 15) rather
> > than 8 bit colour? (pismo still)
> Speaking of >8 colors on atyfb, the 15- and 16-bit colormaps on my Mach64 VT
> (Motorola StarMax 3000/160 = pmac 4400 clone) are jacked up, both in the console
> and X, 2.2.18 and 2.4.0-pre12.  Tux is in ugly shades of orange, pink and green,

That's a known problem with the 16-color penguin logo, which is also used for
RGB555 and RGB565. A while ago, the penguin came with its own color palette,
while nowadays it must use the VGA text console palette. I posted a patch for
that on linux-kernel and linux-fbdev yesterday.

> and X (4.0.2, fbdev driver) colors are all over the place, though the background
> and text colors in the console are not bad.

This is probably a different problem. The Mach64 VT series is not that well
supported by atyfb.

> Has anyone else seen this?  What should I do to further investigate, or maybe
> patch?

It might be a wrong value for the BUS_CNTL and/or DAC_CNTL registers (line 2532
in linux-2.4.0-test13-pre7/drivers/video/atyfb.c).

Can you enable #define DEBUG in atyfb.c and see whether the values printed for
BUS_CNTL and DAC_CNTL (as set by Open Firmware) match the values that are
written by atyfb?



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