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Re: floppy low-level format

> > Someone file a bug against superformat then. How could fdformat be removed
> > when superformat doesn't work on PPC (and on m68k neither)? 
> the maintainer probably uses x86 ;-)

Sure, and knows of no other architecture. Or all the Debian
porting machines had floppies disabled. Someone using an iMac as build
> i'll file the bug if no one else wants to, but before i do could
> someone just make sure superformat is still broken.  my mac seems to
> be lacking a floppy drive.

It's still broken on m68k, and I've files a bug because of that,
mentioning powerpc in passing. My Powerbook sure has no floppy drive
either. Anyone with a Powermac, a floppy drive and superformat to test? 


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