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Re: XFree 4.0.1-8 won't run on r128/ppc

On Wednesday 29 November 2000 12:49 pm, Michael Flaig wrote:
> Hello!
> Nearly the same problem in my Powerbook G3 "Firewire"
> Ich get "no screens found"
> Where can I download Ani Joshi's Packages ?

It's not a whole package, just a file ati_drv.o for Mach64 cards. I think it 
was available three or four months ago on www.penguinppc.org/usr/xf4, but it 
looks like it has been removed. There is a copy of it on my website 
http://www.emse.fr/~sereno/ati_drv.o.gz. Move it to 
/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ and modify your XF86Config file.

(Ani, if there is any copyright or whatever problem, tell me and I will 
remove the driver).


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