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Re: XFree4.0x and Pismo touchpad

> > See the documentation on the new input layer, linked on BenH's page
> > (penguinppc.apple.com/~benh/).
> Are you sure the above url is correct? I seem to have trouble connecting
> to it. I also tried penguinppc.org/~benh, but got the response 403
> Forbidden.

Well, in this case try ppclinux.apple.com. All I can remember is that it's
not linuxppc.apple.com :-) 

> > Get the trackpad tool. 'trackpad notap' fixes this. Now what package was
> > that in, or should that go into? 
> Ok, I will search for it. Any pointers to the right package would be great
> though. ;)

I don't know, this was a honest question. The source for trackpad should
be in the pmud source package (look at the contrib dir) but the tool
really has nothing to do with pmud and should be in some other package. 


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