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Re: HELP! Killed Powerbook!

> What can I do to get this Partitions Back?

Restore the partition map from a backup copy of the first few 100k of
/dev/hda. Didn't make a copy? No way. Restore partition data from backups. 

> I resized the partiton map i think. It was over 500 GB ...
> Now ive the normal size back but the lenth and base of the partitons are gone ...
> can I restore this data ?

If you wrote down the exact start and size of each partition you can
create new partitions using the exact same data with mac-fdisk. If you
didn't change the disk other than messing with the partition table you
might be lucky (though I don't know how to specify the correct partition
types for driver partitions with mac-fdisk). 

The easiest way would be to reinstall MacOS from the CD (after setting up
partitions as Ethan described so MacOS only gets part of the disk). You'll
lose all your data, but you made backups anyway as instructed by the
install documentation, didn't you?


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