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Re: kernel 2.2.18pre17-ben1 issues

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Hadess wrote:
> >  > - Lost interrupts on hard-drive (when battery is running out, or I'm
> >  > closing the lid of the laptop)
> >  > Oct 26 10:18:23 hiro kernel: ide0: reset: success
> >  > Oct 26 10:18:51 hiro kernel: hda: lost interrupt
> >
> > Frequently it doesn't manage a successful ide reset, and hence the hard
> > disk never powers up. The reason is that when the lid shuts, pmud puts the
> > HD into sleep mode. But it doesn't wake it up upon reopen.
> What machine, and what hdparm command is used in the prwctl script? (My
> Lombard only spits these error messages if I force the disk to completely
> power off. After the second IDE reset, all is fine again). Maybe the disk
> only knows powerdown mode.
> > Either disable pmud or don't close it ;)
> Or get a disk that supports standby mode ...
>         Michael
It's an iBook Firewire, the hdparm is the default one from the unstable
pmud (0.6)
This for sleep on Core99 machines.
hdparm -f -S 1 -Y /dev/hda

I think this kind of error already showed on this list, not long ago,
but it was on another kind of machine (a beige G3, if my memory serves
I thought it could be the same problem, and that it had already been


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