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Re: kernel 2.2.18pre17-ben1 issues

> In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Hadess wrote:
>  > - Lost interrupts on hard-drive (when battery is running out, or I'm
>  > closing the lid of the laptop)
>  > Oct 26 10:18:23 hiro kernel: ide0: reset: success
>  > Oct 26 10:18:51 hiro kernel: hda: lost interrupt
> Frequently it doesn't manage a successful ide reset, and hence the hard
> disk never powers up. The reason is that when the lid shuts, pmud puts the
> HD into sleep mode. But it doesn't wake it up upon reopen.

What machine, and what hdparm command is used in the prwctl script? (My
Lombard only spits these error messages if I force the disk to completely
power off. After the second IDE reset, all is fine again). Maybe the disk
only knows powerdown mode. 
> Either disable pmud or don't close it ;)

Or get a disk that supports standby mode ...


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