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Remapping Mouse Keys


I'm on a PowerMac 4400/200 with an ATI Mach64 VT Internal Video, using
atyfb, linux-pmac-devel from Sat Oct 21 (uname -a: Linux cowsandcorn
2.4.0-test10 #3 Sat Oct 21 09:39:08 EDT 2000 ppc unknown). At any rate,
with the New Input Layer (and devfs also), I have to use Xpmac rev. 10
with this, because older Xpmac revs, don't support the imps2 protocol
provided by /dev/usbmouse (or nowdays /dev/input/mice). XFree86 3.3 and
4.0's fbdev driver is slow, and it appears to have (endianess?)
problems, that leave black bloches on the screen when moving windows, or
doing other activities that involve alot of pixel movement. XFree86
4.0's ati driver seems to lock up on me after a few minutes of use. 

Okay back to the problem. My MacAlly ADB 2 Button Mouse works fine with
this setup, as left mouse gets me left click, and right mouse gives me
right click in X (or middle click in console). My Kensington ADB Orbit
Trackball, on the otherhand causes right click to be mapped to middle
click in both console or X. This is fine for me in console (as I mostly
want to middle click in the console for cut and paste). But for X, this
behavior is just annoyning (as lots of X programs use right click). With
previous Xpmac revs, I got around this using xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 3
2", but this won't work (it broken) due to changes made by Kevin
Hendricks when porting USB support to Xpmac. 

For now I am just using my MacAlley mouse, but I would like to be able
to use my trackball (and have right button, right click). I've taken a
look at the kernel driver (mac_keyb.c) but I am at a miss where to
change this. Maybe there is something I am overlooking, like in proc
that I can change to make this hppen.

Thank You for Your Time And Effort.


Andrew B. Arthur

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