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kernel for iBook Firewire


I'm right now uploading the new kernel from Ben Herrenschmidt which runs
fine on the new iBooks Firewire. It's got hackish (no, not haschich)
sound support, and should run with this kind of cmdline arguments:

hadess@hiro:~$ cat /proc/cmdline 
root=/dev/hda10 ro video=aty128fb:vmode:10:depth:8: 

The only problem I have is that "sometimes" it stops on the detection of
the nvram support... If anybody's got an answer, please let me know.

It's half 2, I'm knackered, good night.

Oh, it's on http://hadess.net/files/ppc/ibook

http://idorulabs.free.fr - Debian/PPC Gnome packages

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