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Boot hangs on G4

Ok, so here's the dilemma:

I have two G4's, one is the older PCI video style, the other is the newer AGP video - both are identically configured other than that with 256M Ram, single IDE drive, standard IDE CDROM.

So, installation was flawless on the AGP one, no problems to report yet (except that I can't get RAID working, but we'll discuss that later).

On the PCI-based G4, installation goes flawlessly, yaboot installs fine, but when I boot the procedure looks fine, detects the drives and USB and everything is happy until it gets to the point where it frees up unused kernel memory - at that point it hangs. There are no errors or lockups, keyboard still works - it just sits there.

I've tried a variety of configurations and partitions, presently I have the simplest:
/dev/hda1 is the partition map
/dev/hda2 is the 800k bootstrap
/dev/hda3 is the root
/dev/hda4 is the swap

Like I said, yaboot and partitioning seem fine, video doesn't appear to be an issue - it's just at the point where the kernel hands over control to the root partition that it stops booting.

Any ideas?  I'm desperate.


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