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Re: debian-powerpc: nightly backup of G4 required

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> What good is a backup if you cannot recover the data after a crash?
> That's what I had happen to me. Most backup systems store the database
> info on the disk, and will very likely make it hard to restore the system.
> I found a rescue disk that has the option to include tob (in your list)
> and this is supposed to work with tar and afio style backups. I find this
> a major plus. As an extra it does remote backups, full, differential and
> incremental backups. Of course it is also a matter of personal taste.

I use Amanda to backup my machines (Amiga/m68k, CHRP/PPC and UDB/AXP, all
running Linux) to a DDS tape drive in my CHRP box.

Amanda stores index files on the backup host. But you can restore everything
by hand if it's really needed since Amanda files on tape are just dump or
gnutar (I use tar) archives if you skip the first 32 kB block.

Amanda does remote backups. But I don't think it does Windows.

I'd also warn against backing up using Samba (unless you do create archives to
back up using e.g. tar). Does Samba keep owner info and special UNIX-style



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