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Re: debian-powerpc: nightly backup of G4 required

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:

> What good is a backup if you cannot recover the data after a crash?
> That's what I had happen to me. Most backup systems store the database
> info on the disk, and will very likely make it hard to restore the system.
> I found a rescue disk that has the option to include tob (in your list)
> and this is supposed to work with tar and afio style backups. I find this
> a major plus. As an extra it does remote backups, full, differential and
> incremental backups. Of course it is also a matter of personal taste.

my 2 e| (no euro symbol available :)):

I use dump/restore and pipe it through gzip to get compressed archive
files. Dump/restore is on rescue floppies and is made to respect special
file permssions e.g. in root file systems. That means that if you make a
dump and your system incuding your own rescue discs and install CDs bursts
into flames you should still be able to completely restore from fresh boot

Cheers, Stefan

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