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Re: open office

oly@tkk.att.ne.jp writes:
> OK, removed the offending va_args as they were just
> for error messages.  At this point, I'm just going
> for quick fixes.  I'm now about 90% through the build
> process and I'm choking on some home-grown resource
> compiler.  Let me know if anyone has a clue about
> this.  If people want to know how to get this far,
> I have modified files for the config and for building
> on Linux/PPC - and some rough notes on all the
> tweaks I had to do to the source code.

I checked out the rscpp module from the OpenOffice CVS server,
compiled it and then continued the build. Trust me: you were far from
90 % through the build process. Latest thing for me is when
trying to build svx, many hours later, I get a lot of "relocation
truncated", like this one:
../unxlngppc.pro/slo/multipro.o(.text+0xa5e): relocation truncated to
fit: R_PPC_GOT16 cpp_acquire
Any clues on how to solve them?

Are you on the dev-porting list at openoffice.org? I've submitted some
patches for linux-ppc there, but I'm not sure if they are in the cvs
archive yet.


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