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Re: open office

> I'm trying to build OpenOffice (a.k.a. StarOffice).
> I've managed to coerce their build tools (dmake, etc.)
> into compiling and am now hammering through getting
> StarOffice proper to compile.

Congratulations - I'm stuck on compiling sal and decided to call it quits.
Sun seems to have implemented a new test of the millon monkey theory with
> I'm currently stuck on a link where a symbol is
> missing.  For some reason, I can't seem to find the
> owning library.  Can someone tell me which library
> I am missing?  Seems like it should be a core library..

varargs problem - see that all types appearing in va_arg(ap, type) are the
types after type promotion (int, double f.e.). 

I see lots of va_arg calls using short ... look at:



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