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Re: open office

Momchil Velikov wrote:

> oly@tkk.att.ne.jp wrote:
> > ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/cpp.o: In function `error':
> > ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/cpp.o(.text+0xcdc): undefined reference to `__va_arg_type_violation'
> The problem is that according to ANSI C,
> the first argument to va_arg should be the type after
> the default promotion. Simply stated, one can't
> use va_arg (short, ap) but must use va_arg (int, ap).
> With optimization turned on, GCC is able to (kind of)
> detect such cases and that's the error you've got.
> In short, StarOffice source is non-compliant.

I sent a patch to the KerberosKTH4 maintainer for this very reason (in my post to debian-powerpc
of 3/1/00 23:38:56 UTC), but the maintainer rejected it on the grounds that "The code looks fine
to me, your patch would break it for shorts and on alphas for longs as well."  In other words, it
doesn't seem right.  I can't say that I blame his logic...

Do you know where I can find the "long version" of what you've "simply stated" above, so I can
convince him to get the patch into Kerberos- and maybe release it for a couple of new platforms
in 2.2r2?

Please copy gsstark@mit.edu in any replies.

[In other news, I just looked for ndbm.h in Contents-i386.gz, and it only exists in
/usr/include/db1 of libc6, and specialized packages like oskit, tendra and libgdbm1-altdev, so
I'm quite certain that part of the 3/1 Kerberos patch is necessary as well.  The patch would
close bug #50337, which is nearly a year old!]

Back on topic, the Kerberos patch might help you to fix that part of OpenOffice.


-Adam P.

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