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screen bug?

I have just noticed something odd with screen on ppc:

when i run screen a tty is allocated in /dev/pts as normal, however
with screen its created eb.eb mode 622 instead of eb.tty mode 620.
this does not affect ssh which also uses /dev/pts.  however this does
not occur on x86 machines, only ppc.


[eb@socrates eb]$ screen bash
[eb@socrates eb]$ ls -l `tty`
crw--w--w-    1 eb       eb       136,   1 Oct 18 23:42 /dev/pts/1

[eb@socrates eb]$ ssh plato
[eb@plato eb]$ ls -l `tty`
crw--w----    1 eb       tty      136,  14 Oct 18 23:42 /dev/pts/14

[eb@plato eb]$ screen bash
[eb@plato eb]$ ls -l `tty`
crw--w----    1 eb       tty      136,  15 Oct 18 23:43 /dev/pts/15

[eb@plato eb]$ ssh socrates
[eb@socrates eb]$ ls -l `tty`
crw--w----    1 eb       tty      136,   2 Oct 18 23:44 /dev/pts/2
[eb@socrates eb]$

on my ppc:
Linux socrates 2.2.17 #1 Mon Sep 4 20:35:42 AKDT 2000 ppc unknown

on my intel:
Linux plato 2.2.16 #2 Mon Jun 12 04:28:16 AKDT 2000 i686 unknown

also tested on another intel box running:
Linux venabili 2.2.17 #1 Thu Oct 12 05:29:29 AKDT 2000 i586 unknown

/dev/pts is mounted like so:
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,gid=5,mode=620)

screen is setgid utmp on all systems.  

does anyone else see this? is it a bug in screen? or
the kernel?

screen is Version: 3.9.5-9 from security.debian.org

Ethan Benson

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