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setting X for a Cyrus logic graphic card ?

Hi everybody,

I cannot set X11 on my Powerstack Prep PPC running potato (2.2r0 kernel 2.217). Do I have to give up ?

Here the hardware :

Motherboard : Motoral  PPC 604 (blackhawk)
Graphic Card :  Cirrus Logic GD 5434-8 [Alpine]
Monitor : Sony's Multiscan 17se II (trinitron)

Here a small summary of the attempts :

- xviddetect gives : "The XFree86 server for Cirrus Logic GD 5434-8 [Alpine] is svga"

- Configuration with anXious puts a "svga" device in the screen section of XF86config

- while executing startx, it complains that there is no "fbdev" device in the screen section of XF86Config.

- changing svga for fbdev doesn't help. start x will give
    " open_framebuffer : failed to open /dev/fb0 (no such device)"

- in fact  "  cat  /dev/fb0"  gives also " so such device".

- building a home made kernel with selecting "framebuffer support" make no change to the above situation.

On the other hand I found that debian.org has an "xserver-svga" package for Intel but I haven't found any for ppc.

Am i wrong somewhere ?
I feel that, in the case of PPC, there is no support of X11 for Cirrus Logic graphic card from any of svga or fbdev


I did not find

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