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Re: Successful install but disoriented about X configuration

Garry Roseman wrote:
I lurked here for a while and read about Debian until I finally made the decision to replace Linuxppc 2000 with Debian GNU/Linux (Potato). I first put it on my PowerMac 7600/ Powerlogix G3 system while the PowerComputing 150 continues to run Linuxppc 2000 (for a little while).

The Debian install is wonderful! I was able to install by booting from the floppy, mounting the root from floppy, and finding the drivers and base system where I had downloaded them on a hard drive. All further installation was done via dselect/ppp and went smoothly. I got Midnight Commander and lynx running and gcc installed.

(I'm using BootX for dual booting since this is an Old World ROM machine and quik is not as convenient -- BootX is very easy to set up and use. Besides I'm not weaned from MacOS yet for email and a few programs such as Adobe Acrobat.)

Today I installed the X-Windows packages, s.a. xfonts*, xserver*, xdm, xterm, blackbox, but I am feeling completely disoriented about configuration. I don't know what command(s) to rely on for setting up my X server. The Debian book says to run x86config --- I don't have an x86config command?!

I tried to check the FAQ-O-Matic for help but it seems to be AWOL.

Someone please give me the big picture on what I should do next to get X running. My PCI graphics board is the ATI Xclaim 3D Plus (ATI Rage LT Pro graphics accelerator with 8M of memory).

(I only need X to run lyx! Otherwise I'd be quite happy to live with a Linux console. I don't want to install a desktop manager right now but will eventually use KDE.)

Thanks for giving me a shove in the right direction...
I am running debian 2.2 on my PowerCenter 120, upgraded to a 300MHz G3. I have an ATI XClaim 3D card. Someone on the list suggested that I put the following in /etc/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config:

Section "Screen"
  Subsection "Display"
      Depth 16
      Modes "default"

Basically you need to configure X by hand by editing this file.

BTW there is an acrobat like program called xpdf that I use alot. Its pretty basic, but fast and does the job.

Good luck,

-- Taro

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