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RS-6000 43P

PLEASE HELP!!! I have an RS-6000 43P Model 240 that I'm trying to install Debian onto, and I cannot get a single kernel to boot off of this blasted thing. Every time I try to boot a kernel image it pukes up an error, which varies depending on what kernel you're using. First, if anybody knows what architecture this is (CHRP or PReP), please let me know, because I'm still clueless. If you could point out how to tell which it is that would be even better. Second, if anybody knows of any kernels that will work with this machine (and the OF commands to load it) I would be greatly appreciative if you would let me in on the secret. I have visited all of the Debian documentation sites, and they all unfortunately say something to the effect of "Not ready yet!!!!!!!! Please add documentation" (which isn't too helpful). If anybody could shine some light on my situation I'd greatly appreciate. If you want specific errors and such let me know and I'll give them to you. Thanks in advance!


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