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Re: Breakthroughs! But need help with logon dialog box...

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Chris Ivanovich wrote:

> But I have a small annoyance.  When the initial dialog box appears
> where you type in your user name and password, it isn't shown
> completely on the screen.  The only thing that shows are the labels
> where you're supposed to type (but no text entry boxes) along with the
> cursor in the initial position for the user name field.

This sounds like totally normal behavior for xdm, the standard login
manager for X11 workstations. If you want to customize your xdm, its
files live in /etc/X11/xdm/.

If you want a display manager with a more "modern" interface, try gdm from
GNOME or kdm from KDE (package kdebase, I believe).

> To top it off, it doesn't respond to the mouse click to move from one
> entry field to another, nor does the <tab> key work to switch from
> field to field.  I end up moving from the user name field to the
> password field by hitting shift-option-F1 and the cursor moves to the
> appropriate spot.

Did you try hitting "return" after the username?

Especially in the Unix world, it is traditional to require a carriage
return between the login name and password. Tab won't work at a text
prompt, and users who get used to hitting tab will almost always mess up
logins to a text session.

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