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Re: rtl8319

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, C.M. Connelly wrote:
> "PT" == Paul Talacko <talacko@yarn.demon.co.uk> writes:
>    PT> D-LINK DFE-530TX (apparently it should work with de4x5)
> We have one of these (the ``+'' model, which supposedly does
> 10/100), and it works great with the rtl8139 driver on our PC
> (acting as a gateway).  They're also dirt cheap (~CN$25, with
> tax).  But we've never tried it on one of our PowerPC machines.

Both wrong :-) The DFE-530TX is not based on the DEC Tulip or the RTL8139
chipset, but on the VIA VT86C100A [Rhine 10/100] (cfr. pci.ids).



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