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Re: Dual Boot Debian 2.2/MacOS on G4 with two harddisks

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 02:36:27PM +0200, Georg Koss wrote:
> Please help!
> I have rather trouble to get the puzzle together.  I tried to change from SuSE PPC 6.4/MacOS to Debian, so I am a Debian newbie, probably that´s my problem, don´t know.
> I have a G4 with two harddisks and DVD trying to install from CDROM. The Debian installation works until the make harddisk bootable as described in the manual. At this point it gets confusing.
> My fstab looks like this:
> /dev/hda9       mac/HDA       hfs      
> /dev/hdb9       mac/HDBBoot   hfs   

make sure you change the type on this to Apple_Bootstrap

> /dev/hdb14      mac/HDB       hfs
> /dev/hdb10        swap        swap      
> /dev/hdb11        /           ext2     
> /dev/hdb12        /home       ext2              
> /dev/hdb13        /var        ext2              

do you really need to have that mac partition on hdb?  if not you
could repartition this disk without all the mac driver partition
cruft, it makes things cleaner..

> In OF the boot-device line looks like this:
> boot-device   /pci@f2000000/pci-bridge@d/mac-io@7/ata-4@1f000/@1:9,\\:tbxi hd,\\:tbxi
> The devaliases for the harddiscs looks like this:
>        ultra0      ?/disk@0
>        ultra1     ?/disk@1

that long ugly path is not necessary, macos does not use the aliases..

> Following the instructions I loaded ybin 0,26 and yaboot 0,8 with my SuSE 6,4 from Ethan Benson´s site and left it in my /home directory during the Debian install.
> After the installation of Debian with the Ram-Disk / and the /target (on my hdb11 ?) I had no possibility to un-tar with -zxvpf the archive. bacause -z is an unknown option (at this step?).

busybox utils are not as fancy as the real GNU stuff.  try:

gzip -dc ybin-0.26.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

> Next Problem is not available "make install" as it is recommended in the yaBoot-FAQ´s to get the proper localisations for ybin and yaboot at that step.
> Also I didn´t understand what to write exactly to mkofboot to get the proper ybin-configuration.

install manually, its pretty simple:

cd ybin-0.26
cat ybin > /usr/sbin/ybin
cp ofpath /usr/sbin/

thats good enough for now,

then run:

mkofboot -b /dev/hdb9 -i ./yaboot -m ./ofboot --root /dev/hdb11 \
--partition 11 --device `ofpath /dev/hdb` 

that should install a basic bootstrap which will boot your system,
another way you can do it is like this:

ae /target/etc/yaboot.conf

and create a file like this:



you should also get the powerpc-utils deb out of
potato-proposed-updates and extract the nvsetnev from it, replace the
copy on the ramdisk in /sbin with the new one.  that way ybin can
configure OF for you.  

after you boot your system for the first time install the ybin deb
from proposed-updates (its 0.23 which is ok i think) and also install
the powerpc-utils.

if you want to use 0.26 instead of 0.23 just untar the 0.26 tarball in
/usr/local/src and run make install, this will install everything
under /usr/local, then modify /etc/yaboot.conf to change install= and
magicboot= to:


0.26 has a much better ofboot script then 0.23, it should be more
reliable, there is not much difference that you can see though.  

note if you install the 0.26 version you will have to either type the
full path to /usr/local/sbin/ybin or else change root's path, which
has /usr/sbin before /usr/local/sbin.  0.23 ybin cannot work with 0.26
ofboot.  you could just do a make PREFIX=/usr MANDIR=share install too
i suppose, that will overwrite the debian package files which i think
is generally not a good idea.

Ethan Benson

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