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Re: 2.4 kernel

Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > Sorry about the last e-mail, I didn't put anything into it, hehe. Anyway,
> > 2.2 kernels, at least 2.2.16 doesn't have a fb support for the 3dfx
> > voodoo3, which I want as I use the frame buffer X server as X for PPC
> > (3.3.6 anyway) doesn't have a specific driver for that card or most cards
> > for that matter.
> That wasn't entirely clear from your mail. Anyway, the changes between 2.2
> and 2.4 framebuffer drivers don't look to be much more than the rewritten
> struct definitions. Backporting to 2.2.18 should be possible without major
> hassle.

Keep in mind that "major hassle" is relative.

Example: the first time I tried to do IP masquerading, it was a major hassle,
because I started with the HOWTOs, and spent several hours trying to come up
with good rules and ppp scripts.  Then I searched the package archive in dselect
and installing the ipmasq package did everything automatically, with a good set
of conservative rules and the ppp scripts built-in, so it would now take me just
four seconds (literally).

It's like Miguel saying, "You want a new Gnumeric feature?  Well, just add it to
the source code!"

It's not quite that simple for someone not familiar with the framebuffer
sources.  Maybe for the tdfx-fb author...

In the meantime, I built -test6 successfully, and it boots with quik on a
StarMax (pmac 4400 clone) and runs fine, except for ppp, but we've discussed
that before.  Couldn't get -test8 to build.  Maybe -test6  will work with


-Adam P.

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