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Re: porting troubles

> > And sloppy programming includes the tendency (of companies doing a quick
> > Linux port) to use Wine (not even winelib) to make regular windows
> > applications run on Linux. Seen that with Corel, and it wasn't a bit
> > pretty in the beginning. Seeing that no company is willing to dedicate 
> > enough resources to a clean x86 port, resources for 'fringe' ports will be
> > marginal.
> And M$ just acquired 25% of the shares of Corel, which resulted in a raise of
> 57% for Corel on the stock market...

Sad enough. 
> Besides, Corel should know the right thing, since the Netwinder has an ARM.

But didn't they get rid of (sorry, meant to say: spin off) the Netwinder
division a while ago? 

Corel may have been close enough to see the light at some point in the 
past but got distracted. Or the task of porting the Corel suite natively
proved too difficult (it was rough enough with the first betas even using
Wine so the code may be unportable. There's still enough in the way of
windowmanager-Corel interaction to make you cry). 


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