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Re: porting troubles

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> >    SB>  Out of blue, why is that Linux now runs stable on six (6)
> >    SB> different platforms but commercial software like Star,
> >    SB> Corel, Adobe and IBM, just to mention a few, are only
> >    SB> available for ix86? Are there any political or technical
> >    SB> reasons for it?
> > 
> > There are some possible technical issues.  For example, Alpha and
> > PowerPC processors do some things in radically different ways than
> > x86 processors.  As a result, sloppy code will break on these
> And sloppy programming includes the tendency (of companies doing a quick
> Linux port) to use Wine (not even winelib) to make regular windows
> applications run on Linux. Seen that with Corel, and it wasn't a bit
> pretty in the beginning. Seeing that no company is willing to dedicate 
> enough resources to a clean x86 port, resources for 'fringe' ports will be
> marginal.

And M$ just acquired 25% of the shares of Corel, which resulted in a raise of
57% for Corel on the stock market...

Besides, Corel should know the right thing, since the Netwinder has an ARM.



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