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ybin 0.20 online

I have released ybin 0.20, it can be downloaded from
http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/ybin/ or from
http://linuxppc.org/usr/ybin/ (depending on your local DNS server)


* ybin: check for Newworld compatible nvsetenv and if found will
automatically update the OpenFirmware boot-device variable in

* ofpath: support some oldworld machines. (this does not mean
ybin/yaboot supports oldworld).  Also silence a harmless error on
machines lacking a CDROM.

* ofboot.b: added more machines to <COMPATIBLE>

Please note that the updated nvsetenv is not part of any current
distribution yet, when upgrades to powerpc-utils are available you should
then be able to benifit from ybin's ability to set the boot-device
variable (this is most useful for scsi users).  ybin can detect the
old incompatible nvsetenv and will refuse to use it.  note to
packagers/developers, ybin runs nvsetenv --version which fails on the
old one and (on the current nvsetenv sources) succeeds (outputs error
but still exits with 0 status) The new nvsetenv MUST exit with 0
status when called with the --version switch, it should support this
switch anyway.  

ofpath currently supports the following Oldworld powermacs: 7200,
7300, 9500, and Gossamer G3.  For me to add support to additional
machines i need to (ideally) have a shell account so i can inspect
/proc/ or if that is not possible i may be able to get the info i need
by having the contents of certain /proc files emailed to me.  If you
wish to help and have a machine other then mentioned above please mail
be privately.


Ethan Benson

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