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Re: Yikes G4/400Mhz freezes at init

> in the interest of documenting this further, i should mention that i was
> already using yaboot 0.6, and simply added the line
> append="hda=noautotune"
> to the yaboot.conf in the bootstrap partition.  NOTE: adding this to

OK, if you were already using yaboot I take back my 'RTFM' post - the
hda=noautotune hasn't been mentioned in the NG all that often lately. 

> /etc/yaboot.conf and then running ybin/mkofboot does not seem to update this
> line on the bootstrap partition! i had to mount the bootstrap partition and
> edit it by hand. 

ybin (without mkofboot) sure updates yaboot.conf properly for me.
Something's wrong with your ybin. You did run it as root? 


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