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Re: install potato on ibook: yaboot problems

I have it installed.  Everything works fine, and I have yaboot installed on the
MacOS partition.  Please tell me more about how you have your system set up and I
will help you troubleshoot it.  The partitions above 10 work fine, at least 11
works fine on my iBook.

James Sasitorn wrote:

> Anyone have any luck installing potato on an ibook? I partitioned my ibook
> using the MacOs9 disc format utility. I installed debian using a burned
> potato cd. I couldnt get yaboot configured properly. Eventually, I did get
> the linux icon to show on the boot manager (hold ctrl), but when you choose
> it, it simply reloads the boot manager.. What does that mean? Does anyone
> have a working ibook? Can you send me a fdisk dump and a yaboot.conf?
> thanks,
> james
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