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Re: debian-powerpc: XFree v4.0x tarballs/debs.

> > There are debs around, but they are still work in progress, and branden
> > robinson don't want us to use them yet. So wait a bit unitl they are released
> > and use some tarball from another source until then.
> What you say is not strictly true.  I *do* want people to test my phase1
> .debs, but only if they are willing to grit their teeth and deal with
> potentially big problems.
> In any case, the point is moot right now because I only have phase1 .debs
> available for i386 right now.  I need to resync with Dan Jacobowitz for
> powerpc, and there's a build problem on sparc I need to figure out.

Are you (or Dan) using Ani Joshi's development branch of 4.01 for the ati
and r128 modules on PPC?


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