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Re: Dynu Dynamic DNS Client (Was: Re: unzip)

> You can look on freshmeat.net for other dynamic DNS scripts and either
> switchservices (there are *free* dynamic DNS services, for example) oruse
> one of those scripts as a model.  A big advantage of scriptsis that
> they're considerably more architecture-independent.

> Another option is for you to complain to Dynu!  After all, they're
> charging money for their service (US$25 a year), and, as a
> customer, you have the right to ask them to help you out.  You can
> also put in a word about stupidly assuming that Linux == i386, and
> about the evils of non-open source software, especially for
> something as trivial as a dynamic DNS update script.

I was trying their 30 day trial.  The free services I've found so far don't
let you use your own domain name, just a host name with there domain (like
hostname.dyndns.com).  I'll check out freshmeat.net.



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