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compiling kernel

I'm about to compile a kernel (1st time) on a 250 mhz G3 Powerbook.  I've read a bunch of stuff online, but have a couple of questions.

Is the current linux kernel image /boot/vmlinux-2.2.xx ?

I've read I should back this up as 'running_kernal.something'
How would I boot with the backed up kernel image then if I botch everything?

Most of the documentation I've found refers to Lilo, but I am using BootX, so
after I compile everything, do I just replace /boot/vmlinux-2.2.xx with

Does BootX just look for whatever's in the /boot directory?  Does anything else get changed in the /boot directory?  (BootX just has that little pop-up menu after 'Kernal:' that only has one 'linux' option, so that's why I'm confused as to setting it to boot the new kernel).

Any help would be great.  Thanks


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