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Re: getting sound to work on imac

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Kevin Liang wrote:

>    I did not select sound card support when installing Debian for my
> imac.  Does this mean I'm SOL for sound ?  I was thinking that sound was
> handled a bit differently for Macs than PC's (built-into motherboard?).  
> Also, I don't have  /dev/dsp..  thanks

To create the necessary audio devices, do:

/dev/MAKEDEV audio

(or maybe it's "sound" instead of "audio." I forget.) By default they are
writeable by group audio; you'll probably want to add yourself to this

If you have dmasound compiled into your kernel, you're done. If you have
the dmasound module instead (in /lib/modules/2.x.x/misc), you can insert
it with "modprobe dmasound". Make this happen automatically by adding this
line to /etc/modutils/aliases:

alias char-major-14 dmasound

If you don't have the kernel driver or module, you'll need to compile a
new kernel or module yourself, or grab a kernel image that includes it.
The kernel packages for Debian should have it, and the binaries at Paul's
page definitely do:


This was mostly from memory (my Debian PPC box is in another state and
without power right now), so take filenames and commands with a grain of
salt. ;-)

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