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Re: ftp and ip

On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 03:46:58PM -0500, Josh wrote:
> > Make sure you have a ftp server running.  For example:
> > apt-get install proftpd
> OK, I have proftpd.  I can ftp locally, but not remotely.  When I was running
> Debian 68K, I could have that machine dial up access, email me the dynamically
> assigned IP address, then I could ftp that machine remotely, without even
> configuring anything on the Debian machine.  Now I have Debian PPC on a G3
> Powerbook thats connected with DSL (DCHP).  So the IP address I'm assigned is
> always the same.  Shouldn't I be able to just ftp my powerbook remotely?  Do I
> have to configure proftpd more?
Maybe, but most likely the problem lies elsewhere.  can you ssh from that
same remote host in?

Check your /etc/hosts.deny, it's probably set to ALL: PARANOID.

PARANOID does reverse lookups for incoming connection's hostnames, and
rejects them if they don't resolve.

I'd check that first... to test, comment out that line in hosts.deny.

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