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Re: Xpmac.deb

Today's thread on Xpmac spurred me to resume my efforts to get
it running.  It turned out to be very easy after all, with one
exception:  in the debian/x86 universe, I was never able to get
mouse support under X unless "gpm" was running, but under Xpmac
the exact opposite was the case: my mouse would only work after
executing "/etc/init.d/gpm stop".

Now that it's running, I have a configuration question:  I'm used to
tweaking XF86Config to get the resolution/bit-depth that I want, but
Xpmac operates on some magic principles that I don't understand.  How
do I tell it these configuration values?  Are there any arbitrary
limitations that I need to know about?

G4 w/ Rage128Pro(ATI)

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