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Re: no sound on g3 under linux

Georg Bauer wrote:

> As indicated by the subject, I have problems with my sound on the G3 b&w
> powermac. It just loads dmasound and doesn't complain. But there is _no_
> sound. Since I am completely on yaboot and have absolutely no HFS
> partition with MacOS running, I can't check into MacOS for this - the
> installation CD doesn't run the SystemAV extension and so doesn't allow
> volume setting.
> I assume that there is something fubar in the nvram settings, but I
> don't know what and especially don't know how to fix it without MacOS.
> Anybody has a good idea how to get back sound?
> BTW: on boot time, the system does create the little chime. But it is
> not very loud, that's why I assume that it's something in the settings.

Have you tried plugging in headphones or external speakers? I also don't get
sound from the internal speakers on my Pismo, but headphones work (try
fiddling around with the various mixer bars as well). Others have reported the
same problem.

It would indeed be very cool if someone knew how to fix this.


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