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I'm still trying in vain to compile a kernel that would boot my PB
3400 (potato), recent versions of

Here's my /etc/kernel-pkg.conf:
maintainer := Andre Berger
email := andre.berger@topmail.de
priority := Low
patch_the_kernel := YES
image_in_boot := YES

This is /etc/kernel-img.conf:
Do_Symlinks = 

I did 
# make menuconfig
and used the default settings which should work, shouldn't they.
# make-kpkg clean
# make-kpkg --revision=PB.1.0 kernel_image
and this produced a kernel image which I installed via dpkg. I copied
/boot/vmlinux-2.2.15 to my Mac-partition and tried to boot it via
BootX. But the kernel gives me a machine check error (mm or mmu

What's wrong???

BTW The only reason why I want to compile this kernel is
PCMCIA. Perhaps someone would just send me the modules (and pcmcia-cs) I
would need with kernel-image-2.2.15?

Sorry for bothering you, but I have compiled about a dozen kernels
with different configurations and never got any of these to boot.


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