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XF68_FBDev refresh problems

I installed potato last month, and just about everything works fine.  The
exterior of the set, however, is X.  Running XF68_FBDev at a known functional
resolution (both through the mess o' possibilities in the default XF86Config
and with one specific resolution), the screen is (usually and mostly) white,
and nothing gets erased from it.  I'm able to see text from most of the other
console ttys, even the text that was on them before the last reboot (if I use
X early).  Everything runs, but it's hard to tell.  I'm also able to scroll
(the mouse appears very infrequently) the screen up and down, viewing other
console terminals, finding various programs launched by .xinit, etc.

It looks like (from the mailing list archives) that other folks have had the
same problem, but I didn't see any posts proposing a solution.

Any ideas?

PowerMac G3 desktop, 233MHz.  Apple Multiple Scan 720.  kernel 2.2.15
(problems with the one that came with installation and the one I configured
on my own).

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