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Re: deb-ppc: recommended browser and email client ?

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 05:38:52PM -0700, C.M. Connelly wrote:
> After having checked the archives on ftp.debian.org, looking at
> the contrib and non-free directories for both potato and woody, as
> far as I can see the only installable versions of Communicator for
> PowerPC are 4.6 and 4.7 (and maybe 4.08).  There are no binaries
> (-smotif packages) for any of the newer versions (4.72 or 4.73).
> I filed a bug against version 4.72 (#61794), and never got any
> response whatsoever.  I'm hardly surprised to see that the same
> problem exists with a later version.  File a bug, and make it
> important!

Yes, well, there is a nice simple explanation for this.

If you can find me linuxppc versions of any Netscape after 4.7, we'll
see what can be done with them; but to the best of my knowledge there
are no such!


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