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Re: deb-ppc: recommended browser and email client ?

"BS"  == Brendan Simon    <brendan.simon@ctam.com.au>
"MD"  == Michel Daenzer   <daenzerm@student.ethz.ch>
"ACP" == Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu>

   BS> I've just got X windows running (limping) on my powerbook.
   BS> I was using communicator on my Intel laptop and would
   BS> probably stuck with it (even though it is a *big* memory
   BS> hog and has some bugs) but it is not packaged for powerpc.

   MD> What's the problem? I installed communicator-smotif about
   MD> one month ago. Works like a charm (as far as any
   MD> Communicator can ;)

   ACP> I think the problem is the "communicator" _all package,
   ACP> which depends on 4.73 and conflicts with all other
   ACP> versions.  This is a problem for PPC!

After having checked the archives on ftp.debian.org, looking at
the contrib and non-free directories for both potato and woody, as
far as I can see the only installable versions of Communicator for
PowerPC are 4.6 and 4.7 (and maybe 4.08).  There are no binaries
(-smotif packages) for any of the newer versions (4.72 or 4.73).
I filed a bug against version 4.72 (#61794), and never got any
response whatsoever.  I'm hardly surprised to see that the same
problem exists with a later version.  File a bug, and make it

Looking at my own system, I have the following packages installed:

ii  communicator           4.72-29        Meta package
ii  communicator-base-47   4.7-14         Communicator base support for v. 4.7
ii  communicator-smotif-47 4.7-14         Netscape Communicator 4.7
ii  netscape               4.72-29        Meta package
ii  netscape-base-472      4.72-29        Popular World-Wide-Web browser
ii  netscape-base-47       4.7-14         4.7 base support for netscape
ii  netscape-java-47       4.7-14         Netscape Java support for v. 4.7

If I'm missing out on some source for newer Communicator packages,
please let me know!



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