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Re: gnomecal and gnomecard bugs: still there?

Phil Fraering wrote:

> I thought I'd ask, did anyone ever get around to fixing
> the gnomecal and gnomecard file reading bugs that I think
> were caused by endian issues?

That's bug #61932; it's not an endian issue, but a signed/unsigned char issue
(PPC and ARM default to unsigned).  Looked at slightly differently, it's a
generic int->char->int cast problem, you inevitably lose data...

And no, it's not been fixed!!  (Even though I posted the patch over six weeks
ago!!)  Should I reopen that bug at priority "important" to get the maintainer's

> If not, how would I go about trying to fix them?

The one-line patch is in my post to this list of 13 Apr 2000 16:11:53 -0000 (and
in the BTS).

> I don't really remember, but where else did those issues show up?

I don't know of anywhere in particular, but because of the use of lexx in those
packages, it may exist in some others which use that parser infrastructure...


-Adam P.

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