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Re: sound on G3 Powerbook

On Tue, May 30, 2000 at 02:20:13PM -0600, Jeremiah Merkl wrote:
> Joshua Holland wrote:
> > 
> > I have no sound on my powerbook.  I am running Gnome with
> > Enlightenment.  I have set sound in the Gnome control panel.  When I
> > enable audio in the Enlightenment settings, I get a message saying there
> > was an error communicating with the Audio server.
> I was just about to send a message to the list about my audio problems on my
> B&W G3. On my B&W G3, using the kernel-image-2.2.15-pmac. it seems that my
> audio doesn't work properly, and Matt Brubeck's message conceringing possible
> fixes didn't help at all.
> Nothing complains about bad audio devices, but I never get any audio output.
> Never. Not even system-beeps when I hit backspace in a console window. aumix
> comes up rather screwed, with an aumix -q producing:

do you have external speakers plugged in? or are you expecting sound
out of the internal speaker?  if the latter then your right you don't
hear anything because the internel speaker does not work under
GNU/Linux.  (i don't know why)

> Anyone else having these difficulties, or is it just me?

i have a blue G3 too and if i plug headphones into the sound out on
the back i can hear the system beep and anything i dump into
/dev/audio.  (i have dmasound compiled into the kernel) but the
internel speaker does not work.

Ethan Benson

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