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Re: mouse buttons...still...

c@eskimo.com said:
>    JM> Last time I asked this, the only response I got back was
>    JM> "buy a cheap 3-button USB mouse". Sorry, that isn't a
>    JM> solution. I'm on an ADB only machine. (G3 all-in-one, aka
>    JM> beige G3-233)
> Buy a nice multiple-button ADB mouse, then!  Having real buttons is
> really nice (and I love my TurboMouse). 

fwiw, I actually put a belkin USB card in my G3/233 (I wanted a wheel mouse), 
works great in both linux and macos (you'll need to downlaod apple's usb 
drivers for PCI cards).

but there is some adb_buttons=1,<key>,<key> or some such to setup those two 
keycode (use showkeys to get them on a console) to make keys for the other 
buttons - but I really recommend a real multi-button mouse.

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