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Re: mouse buttons...still...

"JM" == Jeremiah Merkl <merkjj@uleth.ca> writes:

   JM> This disturbs me.

   JM> Why is it so difficult to get emulation of the 3 mouse
   JM> buttons working?  I mean, for a good ppc disto, this should
   JM> not be a concern...

Hmm.  If you only have a one-button mouse, I can't help you, but
someone on this list should be able to (there are lots of people
with PowerBooks).  But if you have a multiple button mouse (and
you really should), you may not have things set up properly in
your XF86Config file, 'cause it's not obvious.  Mine has

   Section "Pointer"

       Protocol	"BusMouse"
       Device	"/dev/mouse"

   # Emulate3Buttons is an option for 2-button Microsoft mice
   # Emulate3Timeout is the timeout in milliseconds (default is 50ms)

   #    Emulate3Buttons
   #    Emulate3Timeout	50

   # ChordMiddle is an option for some 3-button Logitech mice

   #    ChordMiddle


(Everything else related to the pointer, including some stuff I
didn't include here, is commented out.)

That gives me three working buttons on my allegedly five-button
Kensington TurboMouse (the kernel picks up that it has five
buttons (four physical, one chord), but I've never figured out how
to get them all to work).

I still have to run xmodmap manually to load a file with 
``pointer = 1 3 2'' every time I start X, though, in order to make
the upper-left button be the middle mouse button (for reasons I
utterly fail to understand, my .Xmodmap file is read when X
starts, but apparently not applied).  Very annoying.

   JM> Last time I asked this, the only response I got back was
   JM> "buy a cheap 3-button USB mouse". Sorry, that isn't a
   JM> solution. I'm on an ADB only machine. (G3 all-in-one, aka
   JM> beige G3-233)

Buy a nice multiple-button ADB mouse, then!  Having real buttons
is really nice (and I love my TurboMouse).

   JM> Someone mentioned the linuxppc-faq-o-matic had some
   JM> discussion on this, but it seems to be down right now, and
   JM> I also dug through the list archives, and still couldn't
   JM> come up with anything.

I found information on the linuxppc-faq-o-matic, but it wasn't
really all that much help.  The key for me was finding out that
the mouse type for X should be "BusMouse".

Sadly, X setup for PPC is seriously broken.  If you don't have the
same kind of machine as someone else who's already figured out a
working configuration, you may have a hard road to walk to get


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