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Re: Pismo status

On Mon, May 22, 2000 at 03:16:44PM +0000, Sergio Brandano wrote:
> > Well, i was just installing debian on the box, it was not supposed
> > to go to sleep, ... and rather busy unpacking stuff also, ...
>  That task keeps the Hard Disk fairly busy and the CPU mostly quiet.
>  You were probably doing something else with that CPU before

Well, maybe on your fast G3 it does not strain the CPU to much, but on a slow
p 200, i think gunziping lots of files is going to use some CPU, at least
enough to not let the kernel put the cpu to sleep. 

but lets stop this thread here also, ...

>  installing Debian. Anyway, let see if we can improve the situation
>  and have the pmud package for Debian PPC.

Sure, ..



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