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Re: [linux-fbdev] Re: 2.3.99pre7-8 experiences

On Fri, 12 May 2000, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> Really?  I seem to be the only one having trouble with accel Xfb-atyfb in 3.3,
> and thought that the 4.0 fb backend does not yet have accel...

No, everyone should *not* use 4.0 yet, at least those with Mach64
chipsets.  the ATI driver in the stock 4.0 source does not work on ppc,
I have added PPC support and will get it into 4.01 if i get some more free
time soon.

Feel free to try if you want, but i can guarantee it won't work if you
have a Mach64.  The only PowerMac users who should be using XFree 4.0 are
Rage128 users.  I'd don't remember seeing FBDev support in the chips
driver so I dunno about those users.  I can hack it into CVS soon i guess
if needed.

I am almost done writing the IMS TwinTurbo driver for 4.0 so if I don't
miss the 4.01 deadline (and it doesn't look like its gonna happen anytime
soon), IMSTT users should have 4.01 good for them also.


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